For The Kiddos

RICE & BEANS A kiddo size portion or rice and our black beans.  $2.50

QUESADILLA  Flour tortilla with melted mozzarella cheese.    $2.00
Chicken        $2.50  Steak    $2.75    
Add rice and beans:             $1.00

CHICKEN ‘N’ CHIPS A grilled chicken leg served with tortilla chips.    $3.25

KIDS CHICKEN PLATTER A grilled chicken leg served with rice and black beans.     $3.95

MEXICAN CHEESE PIZZA Thick, fluffy pizza dough baked with mozzarella cheese.    $5.75      

KIDS TACO Choice of tortilla filled with mozzarella cheese and the protein of your choice. Lettuce and tomato available on request.
Chicken        $2.50            Steak     $2.95      
Picadillo         $2.75            
Avacado        $2.25
Bean and Cheese    $1.75        
Add kid size rice and beans: $1.00

CHICKEN FLAUTA A corn tortilla filled with shredded chicken or veggie style with potatoes and spinach (they’ll never notice the greens), rolled, and lightly-crisped. 
Chicken        $1.50         
Veggie            $1.25
Add kid size rice and beans:     $1.00



Monday - Thursday
5pm to close.

2 free items from the kid's menu with each adult platter purchase. Dine in only. Not valid with any other offers. Excludes the kids’ pizza and roast chicken.