Super Burritos

Super burritos come on a giant tortilla stuffed with rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cotija cheese, and the listed ingredients.
Make any Super Burrito a platter (choice of 2 sides) for $1.75

BIG BEAN BURRITO Corn relish, mozzarella cheese, and grilled veggies.  $7.95

HOLY CHIPOTLE BURRITO     Grilled steak and homemade chipotle sauce.  $8.25

MEXICAN CHEESESTEAK BURRITO   Grilled steak, mozzarella cheese, and our famous queso.  $8.25

MEXI-CAJUN CHICKEN BURRITO   Grilled chicken, grilled veggies, and homemade cajun sauce.  $8.25

BBQ CHICKEN BURRITO    Grilled chicken, grilled veggies, and BBQ sauce. $8.25

FAJITA BURRITO Grilled chicken and grilled veggies. $8.25
Subsutute Steak: $9.50

“THE” ZUZU SALAD BURRITO     Romaine lettuce tossed in our rosemary-lime vinaigrette, tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips, and mozzarella cheese, then rolled into a burrito. 
Chicken  $8.25                  Picadillo  $8.25          Steak  $9.25   
Mahi-mahi or Shrimp  $9.95   

SPINACH CHICKEN BURRITO   Fresh baby spinach tossed in our signature rosemary-lime vinaigrette, grilled chicken, sliced avocado, crispy tortilla strips, and cotija cheese. $8.25

ZUZU BURRITO BOWL Skip the tortilla!  A bowl of romaine lettuce topped with your choice of any three of our signature sides plus tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and a scoop of guacamole.    $7.95
Chicken  $8.95                  Picadillo  $8.95          Steak  $9.95   
Mahi-mahi or Shrimp    $10.95