Don’t cry over chopped onions

It’s no question the Mexican food uses a lot of it in sauces, salsas, fajitas, etc.  Onions are mostly sliced or chopped leading to the enevitable tear up thanks to the eye-irritating sulfuric acid that releases when cut.

So, how can we avoid the flood of tears when prepping onions?! There are tons of silly tips, tricks, and tidbits like holding a piece of bread in your mouth, cutting next to a scented candle, standing on one foot (ok, not ther last one - at least that I’ve yet to see), etc.

But...we have found a few tried and true tecniques that work for us back in the ZuZu Kitchen as we prep daily.  Give then a try and let us know if you have any tricks up your sleeve.

  • Refrigerate or slightly freeze the onions before cutting them. The cold temperatures limits the release of the semi-toxic chemicals and tah-dah, no tears!
  • Use a very sharp knife in order to avoid crushing the onion pieces (which releases more irritating substance into the air).
  • Wear glasses, goggles, or protective eyewear. Might look silly, but does the trick.  
  • Cutting your onions in the the sink under running water will wash away the sulfuric acid while you chop.
  • Cut under the kitchen vent or stove top fan which will suck up the sulfur laced air and direct it away from your eyes. 

Try these hacks and let us know how you fare. And be sure to let us know if you have any eye saving tricks up your sleeve. Happy chopping!